The various photo's on this page are from several occasions on which I have visited this renewed museum which in its turn was formerly situated at Schiphol and was known as Aviodome but since it moved a few years back to Lelystad it is now called Aviodrome.1 of the newest members is the JAS 37 Viggen which arrived flying like the ones who went to Hermeskeil Germany(landed at Büchel) and the 1 for Newark UK(landed at Cranwell). The museum also owns several aircraft in airworthy condition who can be found on various airfetes around the Benelux. The biggest aircraft in the inventory is by far the B747 but this one isn't flying anymore.

One of the latest projects is restoring a Neptune which had been used by the Anthony Fokker school and was painted in KLM colours. This Neptune  was formerly operated by the MLD(Marine Luchtvaart Dienst(naval aviators))and it will be painted back in its operational colours.The museum also owns a grumman Tracker from the navy but this example has to be repainted again before it can be on display again. Some of the aircraft you see on this page may not be on display or even in posession of the museum anymore because they have been quite busy exchanging aircraft lets hope for the best.And lets hope they give the starfighter its glory back.


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