Project Atlas is a cooperation treaty between several european countries and the main goal is to prevent terrorist attacks. In this exercise named Octopus which was held in the harbour of Ostend 6 of this specialized teams combined their teams to "free passengers who were held hostage on a ferry".Those teams were:GSG-9 or Grenzschutzsgrouppe 9 Germany,CGSU or Commissariaat-generaal Speciale Eenheden/Unités Spéciales Belgium, AKS or Aktionsstyrken Denmark,DSI or Dienst Speciale Interventies The Netherlands,   NI or Nationella Insatsstyrkan Sweden and finally UEI or Unidad Especial de Intervencion (Guardia Civil) Spain.

After the terrorist-attacks from 2001 the Board of Europe has given the order to police-chefs to organize all special units on a european level; project Atlas was born. The motto of project Atlas is:"All together to protect you". The aim of the project is to protect the european citizens from terrorist incidents such as hostage and bombing. No less than 32 special units are now part of project Atlas from the European Union and also from Switserland and Norway who aren't part of EU. The 3 main pilars of this project are :1 information exchange,2 new intervention techniques and 3 law boundaries and how to improve all of this to make things better.


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