Still high on my wishlist of museums was the Aeronauticum at the base-entrance of Naval Air Station Nordholz near Cuxhaven in Germany. On tuesday I had to be in Bremen to visit the company that makes and delivers our new equipment to be briefed on the new software and all hardware changes that would be made. This would take untill the thursday and I got 2 days from my boss to get to and from Bremen.

On monday I left a bit early to make way my towards Nordholz but unfortunately the weather was not playing its part and lots of heavy rain was falling from the sky. Just before my arrival a Lynx arrived and disappeared behind the trees and a PC3 went outbound so I missed both. The highway that runs from Bremen to Cuxhaven passes near the airfield so most movements can easily be noticed when driving on this road.

During my visit on the museumgrounds I twice had to run for cover from the heavy rain. Sadly the pictures lack a bit of brightness due to the absence of the sun. On friday the weather was better but had another appointment back home so no second chance to shoot the resident aircraft in this museum, maybe better luck next time.


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