Every time When I'm in the neighborhood op Brussels I always make a short stop at general aviation to see if there is a government or military plane at 1 of the platforms of Abelag. Abelag is a private company which also does aircraft handling at Zavetem. The daily business for them is to fly private jets for corperates. Because of their proximity to the NATO headquarters in Brussels they are in an ideal position for handling those aircraft. Unfortunately not all members and visitors to NATO make use of Abelag.

If they don't use Abelag they end up on the other side of the airfield at the military platforms of Melsbroek. The Belgian airforce has at Melsbroek all its transportplanes. The majority of those planes are most of the time not present because the high strain that is put on them and the expiditionary troops that need their supplies. If there is one at the ramp your best chance of seeing them if you take the exit towards AML and park your car at the carpark and take a look down the platform. For directions look at Scramble.nl .


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