TLP06-2007 is the last TLP of 2007 and saw real invasion of Italians and very tasty ones if I may say so.No less then 5 AV8B's were at a certain moment present and also the first italian Typhoons were present. Last but not least were the italian Tornado ECR together with their german counterparts from Lechfeld from JBG32.Aviano Vipers were also present again with 4 aircraft with 1 from Tripple Nickel(555 FS) and the others from the Buzzards(510 FS). Still going strong are the german F4F from JG71 Richthoven from Wittmund.
Spain had sent the men from Torrejon with their F18's and the UK flew with 3 Tornado's GR4(A).I visited this TLP on 3 occasions with various succes. Normaly  I go on base first but due to some "unforseen issues"causes by "fellow"spotters I didn't get permission to visit for the coming period. My first visit was on friday week 3 but the mission didn't fly that day. My second visit was tuesday week 4 and almost every aircraft flew and we even had some sun now and then. With good hopes and an appointment the next day
with fellow spotters Harry and Cris(Aimhigh) to meet again at Florennes I went again. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate with us and for the better part of the morning the airfield was hidden from us in thick layer of fog. When the time arrived that the mission would normally start it cleared up a bit so that we could actually see the flightline. Even worse for us was that they were flying from the other side of the field so that we would be stuck with only take-off shots. Luck for me I had pictures already.

Jan Eenling 2008