TLP 05-2008 saw a very nice selection of aircraft with the big highlight for me the spanish Matadors which I haven't seen flying since an airshow in the nineties at our "own" Valkenburg. For once I hafn't planned a trip towards Florennes but just was passing by on my way to the Ardennes where I would spend a familyweekend. I arrived around 1430 at the airfield and the weather was at its finest with almost clear skies and lots of sun. Most of the aircraft had taken off for the mission but 1 of the Typhoons had come in for a emergencylanding just before my arrival. Normally when I plan a trip towards Florennes I try to get a good mix between taxishots and landingshots  but this time to no prior planning just landingshots. At around 1500 the first aircraft turned up for landing and within a half hour all aircraft were back "on deck" for debriefing. Hopefully I will find some more time during this edition for some more shots of this magnificant aircraft,we'll see. Enjoy!

Jan Eenling 2008