TLP05-2007 was the first TLP organised again at Florennes after the renovation of the runway last summer.The TLP is always a nice oppertunity to see lots of nice aircraft to gether at 1 airfield.Most of the times when I want to visit the TLP I wait untill the 3rd week because then also the airassets join the main group which increases the number of aircraft even more.This edition saw no less then 6 Italians(2x AMX,2x F16,2x Tornado)4 Germans(2x F4,2x Tornado)6Spaniards(2x F1, 4x F18) and from the French (Rafale)and the
Americans (F16)and the English(Hawk) each 2.The Belgians themselves also participated in this edition with 4 F16's with 2 from Kleine Brogel and the other 2 from homebase Florennes. This time I picked my date in the 3rd week and set of towards the TLP on tuesday 16 oktober. The weatherforecast was promissing and traffic wasn't bad towards the Ardennes so all went well.After arrival at the airfield I did a quick round at the platform for some nice close-ups and after that off base for taxi and landing shots.

Jan Eenling 2008