TLP 03-2008 is the first of its kind to held at Florennes this year because the first edition was held at RAF Kinloss in Scotland and the second 1 was cancelled.This edition saw very nice participants like the turkish Phantoms and the spanish Typhoons.Sadly for me the spanish Eurofighters departed after the third week but all the rest stayed. Normally I would have been able to visit the flightline but due to some unforseen circumstances this isn't possible anymore and all visits have to have the basecommander's approval.Luckely outside the base you have plenty of oppertunities to take nice pictures so I went towards the fence near RWY26R to shoot the participants.The weather wasn't as nice as the previous days but that didnt stop me from taking pictures because I don't run into seeing turkish F4E's everyday or italian AMX's for that matter.The mission was a short 1 and after less then 1 and half hour the first aircraft came back.Unfortunately lightconditions were horrible but at the end a bit of sunshine came through to make it a bit better for us photographers.Lets hope the next edition will see the same quality of aircraft.

Jan Eenling 2008