The second TLP at Florennes is already in its third week when I decide to take a look at what is flying up there.First like always make a phonecall but this time it is a no no to go on base because of the many complaints made by "fellow"spotters whom have anoyed the basecommander so much that for the time being no-one is allowed unless you have the commanders approval.The good news to you all is that after the TLP is starting again in october at Florennes they are considering to start again with guided tours for spottergroups.
The weatherpredictions for the day were awfull but it didn't stop me from going anyway.The weathergirl on the radio talked about hail,snow and showers and maybe at the end of the day a ray of sun and tempratures around zero. Luckely for us she got it all wrong accept from the temprature because we were freezing our butts off. When I arrived the sky didn't look all that promissing but slowly the weather started to improve and even the sun was present most of the time. Only a handfull of spotters had dared to go but we were in for a treat because almost all the aircraft flew a mission.

Jan Eenling 2008