My first trip back on board a dutch minehinter brought me back to the northern region of Europe.Our first stop was in the south of Sweden but there was not much to be seen for me in the category of derelict aircraft or museums for that matter.The last port during the trip that we would visit was 1 of norwegians southern ports namely Stavanger. Just south of the city is the airport which also has a military history and is still home to a Seaking of the Coastguard for rescue operations.

When the norwegians were still flying with the F5 Sola was 1 of the bases it flew from. On Sunday it was very quiet on board and I decided that is was time to pay this small museum with a visit since I was in the neighbourhood and nothing better to do. 1 of the downsides of this museum is that the hangar they are using very dark is and too small for all the aircraft inside which leads to that the airframes are cramped together. I hope you like this small report on this nice collection of aircraft.


Jan Eenling 2009