Like every year for the Sanicole airshow at Hechtel most of the flyingdisplay-aircraft landed at Kleine Brogel in the days preceding the airshow.This years airshow was scheduled for the 23rd of july 2006.Like other years Kleine Brogel  won't host a spottersday but in return for this years loss the organised a photocall on 21st of july during a "normal" operating day.However there was little flying due to the fact that it was a national holiday to honour the king with his birthday with the flyingdisplay above Brussels in the afternoon with most of those aircraft flying from Beauvechain.

The weather during the days was in extremes with a max temprature of 36 degrees celsius under the burning sun.Like allways everything at Keebee was well organized and eventhough there was litttle flying we were entertained with enough "own planes" to keep us entertained and all displays did after their rehursal at Sanicole a few passes over the runway to give us some nice photo-oppertunities.The belgian displayteams and also the czech teams preformed their display at the airfield.To my opinion is it was time well spend.

Jan Eenling 2008