Whenever I am in the vicinity of Luxemburg and Bitburg I try to visit the museum in Hermeskeil. It claims to be the biggest privately owned aircraftmuseum in Germany. It has a lot of nice aircraft in its collection and from even before WWII. Also a lot of former East Germany Airforce (NVA) have made it to the museum. There is a good mix of different types of aircraft from helicopters to jetfighters and airliners. The most recent addition to the museum is the JAS37 Viggen from Sweden which was flown to nearby airbase Büchel and dismantled there for transport to the museum. One of the most special aircraft is no doubt the preproduction Tornado PA2 serial XX948 which has been used after its testflights by the R.A.F as an instructional airframe. Hopefully this museum will find more ground to display more of its collection for us to enjoy. The pictures on this page are from several visits I made to this museum in recent years and it will not be long before I will visit it again I think.

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