Brussels Air Museum is located in the centre of the city of Brussels inside the "Jubelpark" at the eastern part of the city.The easiest way to acces this museum is driving from Tervuren towards the citycentre and you are already on the right road that leads to the park.If you miss the exit to the park you have to keep in mind that most of the traffic in the citycentre is one-way so making this misstake myself it costed me more than an hour to get back to the right exit for entering the park.

 At the park there is plenty of parkingspace for your vehicle at no cost.The museum is actualy a defencemuseum with all catagories present from army,navy and airforce.The museum has no entrancefee and is open all week.The Belgian Air Museum gives a good overview of most off the types which ever served in the airforce,navy or army and most of the aircraft are in very good condition and they are restoring aircraft in the main hall aswell.

The pictures on this page are a compilation of several visits to the museum so it is possible that some aircraft have been moved around. If you want to visit the museum you don't have to bother bringing money because the entrance is free of charge.


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