In my spare time in the weekends when there is not much flying activity on military airfields I search for museums to visit which are in driving distance from where I'm staying. This time I visited the museum in Albert which is an hour and a half of drivingtime approximately from Ostend where I work now. I had seen many reports from this museum already but never a photoreport so this my take on this privatecollection of aircraft in the village of Albert which is in the vicinity of Cambrai so if you think of going there you might consider visiting this collection with a short stop.

The owner of this collection is willing to tell you all about the history of his aircraft,unfortunately for most of us is french not an easy language but with some hand and feet we got a long way. When the museum is not open the owner is on the opposite side of the road at his factory. I visited on a sunday and he especially opened up for me to show me around and tell me all about it. Some famous names he mentioned were Charles de Gaulle and the late comedian Louis de Funes of whom he has aircraft in his collection.

It is a very nice collection to my opinion but there is a great lack of space which results in a lot of aircraft in a confined space which makes it for us photographers especially hard to make nice and clean shot with just 1 aircraft on your picture. Nevertheless I have had a great afternoon and he told me had put out a request for a french Jaguar but at this moment the airforce wouldn't let him have one and they now shred them to little pieces at Chateau Dun ,that's what I call a missed opportunity to save some great history.  

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