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My name is Jan Eenling I started my spottingcarreer back in 1987 when me and my parents moved to the town of Menaldum  just 4 miles from the Marssum approach of Leeuwarden airbase.In the beginning it wasn't al that serious but in 1988 there was a rotation of the last operational Lightnings from the UK.

My photocarreer didn't start untill somewhere around 1990/91 when I bought my first camera from money I saved with delivering newspapers.In 1993 I bought myself a new camera which was a Canon EOS 1000FN. In 1993 I joined the military and has served me well in bringing me around Europe and bringing foreign aircraft in front of my camera and it still does and hope to continue for several more years to come. In 2005 I bought my first digital SLR from my trusted company Canon (300D) and saw what I had been missing in quality compared to photo's and the decision was made to save for the next semi professional SLR that would come at the market and would be bought by me.

My weapon of choise these days is a Canon 30D with my 28-300L with Image-stabilisation.

My goal with this site is to give you an impression what my hobby is like and also gives you the opportunity to see what is going on at certain airfields or musea or special events for that matter. All images on this site are available for sale  and if you would have a request for a certain image for publication or anything else for that matter sent your email  via the webmaster link on this site.